Jettin’ Through Chile

An early morning crossing into Chile

30 hours into the bus trip, and I was in a zone.  A complete machine.  I could ride buses with the best of them.  It took me 50 hours to travel from Cochabamba to Valparaiso, Chile, and I could have continued all the way to Tierra del Fuego.  I was feeling that good.  On one 27-hour bus leg, we just had one 10 minute break, and I was in such a zone that I refused to get off the bus.

The Atacama Desert, driest place in the world.

So now I’m here in Central Chile, and I am officially halfway through my trip (I think).  After a visit to beautiful and unique Valparaiso, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friends from OSU, Miguel and Alvaro in their home of Santiago.  After a few pisco sours and a bottle of Chile’s best, I felt like we were back in Corvallis.

Charming Valparaiso

Valparaiso was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Valparaiso was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site

And now the strange thing…tonight I will board an 11-hour flight bound for New York City.  It took me ten months to travel to where I’m at, and now over the course of one evening, I will reverse all the ground I have gained.  This will be just a ten day trip.  I know, it’s silly to take a break from travel and get a one-week tease of the comforts of home, but I have some logical reasons for doing it.  1.  See the family (I’ll be on the road for almost two years after all).  2.  Pack up the climbing kit for my next gig in Patagonia.  3.  Look into some job options for the future.  And 4.  Eat some NYC pizza.

When I return to Santiago on December 7, the travel marathon continues, as I have just a few days to get to Bariloche, Argentina.  I will spend the next 4 months instructing Outward Bound expeditions in Patagonia (assuming the courses don‘t cancel).  The work and lack of expenses will hopefully enable another five months of travel.  And I can’t complain about the location.  On breaks, I’m hoping to get down to see Fitzroy, Tierra del Fuego, and maybe Antarctica.  Who wants to visit?

My boys in Santiago




2 responses to “Jettin’ Through Chile

  1. Elaine Polsinelli

    Looks like you’re having a great experience. I’ll share some of your entries with my class. Keep in touch. We are going to start studying Brazil next week! Thanks,
    Elaine Polsinelli
    (Mike’s Mom)

    • Hi Mrs. P, Thanks for checking it out. I will update the site soon. I’m 2 months behind!!! I am going to Brazil in March, so I’ll have stories for next year’s class.

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